Albums sorting order wrong

Why are these 4 albums showing up at the first places, when sorting is album artist?
I checked in my metadata and bothe the Artist & Album Artist are filled in (with the same value in these cases)

I looked at earlier topics in the forum, but they are all older dan 1 year, and I did not find any with a possible resolution.


Click one of the four to open it, don’t select anything, put info panel… is there an artist name there, sort as is the same? If yes, select all tracks, see info panel, you have an album artist there?

Hi @ddetaey,

Can you look at your album artist metadata?

Metadata Artist

OK, this data is clearly wrong, and I can manually correct this here.

But, why is the correct value not been picked up by Audirvana.
In my metadata Album Artist & Artist field are filled in correctly (with the same name)


Even if the Album Artist and artists filed in the album are good, we rely on the sort criteria of the artist itself, which explains why you end up with this behavior. :wink:

OK, I have found the issue.
For these 3 artists, the albums had the field SoloistSort with the valu \0.
I have never edited this field myself, only the Soloist field.
Why it was filled automatically with this value \0 for only these 4 albums, I have no clue, but I now know where to look after.

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