Albums View acting odd

An effort was made by support to HOLD current location of albums instead of jumping back to the top of the list. It worked fine for a while, now it is jumping back again. Also AS stops showing Album View after playing a song.

Hello @rolandarnold ,

Can you make some screenshots so we can try to reproduce the issue on our side?

Screenshots won’t reveal anything. I open Local>Albums and all of my 1700 albums appear. I choose to play one track from an album and instead of seeing my album library, it is completely blank. I Quit AS and reopen and the albums are back in view.

The other issue is where, in my album view, I am creating a playlist from Led Zeppelin. But when I change albums I’m directed to the “A” section (the first view at the top).

So providing screenshots would entail 1 shot of an Empty Album view and 1 shot of all albums in view

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