Albums with common names

I have several albums with the same title say

Schumann: Piano Works

But by different artists, AS seems to merge these together

How do I separate these without adding the Artist Name to the album name ?

I have the exact same problem happening with ‘Music of the Spheres’ where 3 completely different artists get lumped together in one entry showing as 3 discs in there which makes it hard to find.
Mike Oldfield - Music of the Spheres
Coldplay - Music of the Spheres
Mannheim Steamroller - Music of the Spheres

Would be better if albums with the same name but different artists get separated into their own entries instead of lumped together.

Cheers, Hans.

Honouring a [version] tag may help,where you split off say DSD, Deluxe, etc as separate albums . In big libraries it’s not uncommon to have multiple versions of Albums

A select of Artist, Album would be a start rather than just Album as it appears to be @Antoine

Hi @hlooman,

I sent you a private message so I can check what is going on with those albums.