All Playlists are now empty (no tracks)

Sometime in the past few weeks I ran into an issue where my playlists still appear in the Audirvana sidebar as usual, but all they are all empty. i.e., Every playlist now shows zero tracks.

Unfortunately I’m not sure if this happened concurrently with an OS X or Audirvana update…seems possible but I’m not certain.

I’m using a 2012 Mac Mini running Catalina 10.15.5, music files are stored on an external HDD.

If anyone has troubleshooting ideas or a solution, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

Now you know you have to export every playlist when they are done well to your taste in a folder somewhere on your Mac… to reimport them back if something happens…

If you had a backup also of your .sqlite (database file), you can replace it in the location after closing Audirvana and your playlists will be back also… they are saved in the .sqlite file…

But to try something, just right click one playlist and export it on desktop, just rename it to anything to make a test, and reimport it with a different name then before to not override the other in Audirvana or drag it after in the left column of the window to see if the songs are back…

picture of my folder of Audirvana thing i keep near just in case :slight_smile:

Dear Lucky 13,

You are not the only one experiencing such difficulties.
Considering that there is no practical option to save globally all playlists in an organised fashion within Audirvana, RunHome Slow is quite right to advise we make regular backups of our playlists,.
I seem to remember that RunHomeSlow has himself very many playlists and he must spend quite some time making a suitable backup of all those…

However, I would hope a bit of sympathetic redevelopment on the part of poor long suffering Damien for a simple way to save one’s playlists in their organised structure.

Another solution would be for Audirvana to store playlists distinctly from the .sqlite database in the same folder, in a fashion reflecting the arborescent organisation of the playlists.
Audirvana could “reload” all those playlists when starting up.
Users would have thus an easy way to backup their playlist “folder” without requiring any such facility in Audirvana.

Thanks for the helpful replies above. I’ve “sort of” made some progress but have run into a different problem now…

I don’t have a backup/copy of the Audirvana database file (as suggested by RunHomeSlow), but I did manage to dig up a version of my Apple Music (iTunes) library file from Dec 2019. So I have a snapshot of my playlists from 7 months ago – recent changes to them made in Audirvana will be lost but this is probably a 90% solution for me. So that’s the “good news”. My plan was to export these playlists from Music and re-import them into Audirvana (that’s how I got them into Audirvana in the first place).

The “bad news” is that unfortunately importing M3U playlists into Audirvana doesn’t work for me. I saved one of my playlists out of Music, used the File > Import Playlist command in Audirvana, and nothing happens. The playlist isn’t added. I looked at the M3U file in a text editor and it’s clean, the data is there and uncorrupted.

I tried completely deleting Audirvana (and all its associated support files) and reinstalling it on my Mac Mini. This cleaned up some other minor issues in my Library like seemingly random duplicates and also occasional missing tracks which is nice, but importing playlists still doesn’t work.

I did some Google searching and found a few other posts here in the Forum going back as far as 2019 from other users having the same problem with importing playlists. Seems like it’s an open issue/unfixed bug.

Going forward I’ll make occasional backup copies of my Audirvana database file. But for now…Well, I guess I’ll head over to the other thread about the playlist import bug and make a new post there to see if anyone has new ideas/info.

Thanks again for the help here!

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