All songs cut the last 30 seconds

Hi, I am currently trialling Audirvana and loving the sound quality I’m getting. However, every song I play stops between 20 - 40 seconds from the end.

Audirvana on iMac > Arcam rPlay streamer using UPNP.

Audirvana see the Arcam and plays beautifully until approx 30 seconds from the end.

Playing to the Mac internal speakers I have no cut-off issues

I have upsampling deactivated.

Happens both streaming from Tidal and playing tracks on my hard drive.

I really want to keep Audirvana after the trial but it’s unusable at the moment.

I’ve tried on both Windows and Mac and exactly the same issue occurs.

I’ve read past forums but cannot see that a fix is available.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!


I did try and add the debug info but I’m a new user so it won’t let me.

Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.38 (3568)
macOS 10.15.5 with 16384MB RAM

Trial version using demo license

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this is the default memory when having 16gb on Mac… i’ve you tried lowering it to 1024mb to the left and see… maybe buffer works better like when upsampling… i don’t stream and don’t know that… upnp also, but you can check with memory on the lower speaker icon bottom left of window, check your DAC settings there…

Thanks. I’ve just tried setting the Max memory slider to 1024 but the issue remains. I normally have that slider set at around 10,000 figuring the more memory the better.

so, same on mac or pc and streaming or not…
no upsampling…
have you tried turning off integer mode or exclusive access ?

Yes, same on Mac or PC, both streaming and playing files direct.
My screen looks a little different to mine as I don’t have Exclusive Mode or Integer mode. However, in Preferences, I found Sysoptimizer

I’ve set this assuming I’m telling Audirvana to use as much resources as it wants. I’ve triwed turning it on and off - it makes no difference.

Hello @MikeMulc, do you experience the same behavior when you connect to your rPlay using Airplay? Do you also have some notification coming when you play audio that could interfere with Audirvana?

I have the same problem on my audiolab 6000n network player

Hi @Helicon

I tried absolutely everything to resolve this issue but nothing seemed to work for me. I ended up replacing the Arcam with a used Mac Mini > Cambridge Audio DAC and it works perfectly and sounds fantastic.

You helped me there. I have a dacmagic myself, and hooked it up with my laptop. Sounds good😊

@Helicon Happy to be of help!

This used to happen to me, PC with SMSL M500.
To fix it, I eventually figured out is was the upsampling that caused it. Using Device Maximum Frequency or Power Of would cause the 30 second drop.
Deactivate, X2 only or To DSD worked fine.

I had the exact same issue on Imac->6000N with upsampling “deactivate”. Changed it to X2, and the problem disappeared…

Correction: the issue is back - the previous trick is no longer working. Also often files won’t start…