Allow DSD in custom mode

I tried upsampling to DSD for 16/44.1 quality albums in Qobuz and found that it really is an improvement in sound, however I would not want to convert 24/96 say to DSD as it is already in a hi-res format. Would it be possible to allow DSD in the custom upsampling menus? The software can already detect the sample rate, and it can do the conversion, but why couldn’t it do the conversion conditionally? I keep my custom conversion to only upconvert 44.1 and 48 and leave the rest as is but would change to DSD if I could.

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Hello @zacster,

Thank you for this suggestion. This is a feature that would require further inspection as the upsampling settings are handled differently between PCM (16/44, 24/94,Etc…) and DSD.

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