Alphabetical order of albums

I’m new and wonder how to list my albums in alphabetical order from my Tidal list??? I don’t see that option.

I was just reading your post and it made me have a look myself. I cant seem to find that bit either. I did manage to put Artists and Albums into Alphabetical/Date added order in the My Music section up the top, then clicking the 2 small arrows (top middle, under Audirvana and changing it). I should imagine it will be updated soon.

Ive just checked, it works :slight_smile: Use the My Music Tab at the top. Choose either Album or Artist. Then click the 2 arrows at the top. Change your desired settings, then remember to click Save For All. It should then change the order of the Tidal albums when you click the lower Tidal section :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll try that.

Just make sure you click the Save for All button

Got it…thanks again

Your Welcome :slight_smile: Enjoy