How do you get Audirvana to ignore the and a at the beginning of names when listing artists, etc., in alphabetical order?

Because the Beatles Are the Beatles and not just Beatles

Like the Rolling Stones Are Not just Rolling Stones
You got the Point???

You got the Point???

I get the point but you don’t. For purposes of alphabetization the leading article should be ignored.

The Beach Boys
The Beatles


When i search for the Beatles, i would Look under T and not B, Same as for the Beach Boys.
On there cover you See allways the Word the…
Its maybe a missunderstanding from Most of us to search for thoose Bands see above under b.

Rename The Beatles in Artist List Menu to ’ Beatles, The ’ or ’ Beatles The ’ or just ’ Beatles ’ whatever…
click on the name to sort and call Frank Zappa to Zappa Frank and hit enter… i like my Zappa to be at the end…
so in reverse order, they are in first :slight_smile:

I hadn’t seen that setting before (View/Show Artists List). That’s helpful but still that should be the default, that the and a are ignored at the beginnings of names. That’s how iTunes, Swinsian, Songbird, and every other player/organizer I’ve used works.

I’m happy that A+ is different for that… i think like Declaration for this (but i’m more subtil) :slight_smile:
The name of the group include an article before, so for me it shouldn’t be ignore,
i hate that in iTunes seeing The Cure in the C letter but with The before.

At least you can change it like you want to.
Happy music!