Am I missing the point?

I`ve been into HiFi for years, and even produced some very expensive amps and ancillary equipment a few years ago, so know a little about the industry, but something confuses me in these days of streaming.

You can spend thousands on dedicated streamers, but to me what I now get with 3.5/Tidal and a £3k DAC is amazing, and for just £60.00!!

Has anyone compared a dedicated SOTA streamer, are they a must have if you can afford them?

I think the market for streamers is just over-hyped! I used to have an almost 3k Aurender N100. I was never happy with it sound-wise. For 3k Euros I was expecting something exciting, in fact everything sounded veiled.
Now, all I have is a 50 Euros Raspberry Pi 4 running RopieeeXL into my Devialet and combined with Ausirvana the sound is so much better than I ever achieved with Aurender!