Amazing Sound Quality and some Problems

Congratulations to the new AS!
First my equipment:
I listen on W10 PC Z77 chipset and I7 3770K, 8 GB RAM, internal soundchip VIA Vinyl VT2021, CPU-Graphics. Directly connected headphone Sennheiser HD 598. Using WASAPI mode and r8brain upsampling Power Of Two to max. 24 bit 192 KHz.
Yesterday I enjoyed 2 THC powered sessions and in this set I am extremely sensitive to musicality.
I must say that AS is sounding absolutely amazing (very detailed and transparent with a good sense for rhythm and a very kicking bass. Sometimes I had the feeling of hearing very well known songs for the first time)!! And for sure a bit better than Roon (in this setup). I hope you go on focusing SQ also in the future!
There are still some problems I found:

  1. Kernel Mode is NOT working with my VIA soundchip. Is it because it is internal in the PC? With my external DAC in my Philips TV over HDMI (only 16 bit /44,1 KHz) it is working. Or is it a bug?

  2. Replay Gain is not working streaming Qobuz (under Roon it is working with Qobuz) - only with my local CDs R.G. is working.

  3. When I open a local CD it happens often that the graphics is bouncing up and down very fast continuously (nearly flickering) until I grab the slider on the right and move it to the top. My screen resolution is 1080P.

I hope you can help me with this an keep up the good work!