Amazon Music "Ultra HD" performance?

My experience so far is that there are bad dropouts and skips – even on a iMac Pro feeding to a Schiit Jotunheim, and a wired ethernet internet connection with gigabit speed. Would drop Qobuz and Tidal in a flash if Amazon Music HD actually worked.

I’ve been listening for three days on a 2018 Mac Mini, using a wired ethernet internet connection as well. I’ve encountered no problems as described by the OP, either with HD or Ultra HD tracks. Might there be something else at play here?

It might be helpful if the OP keeps us posted as to whether the service improves for him over the next few days.

I listen to Tidal HiFi on Mac Mini over WiFi always with no issues and great sq.

i have used a pc laptop ,ipad and iphone 6 with dragonfly red all without problems other than having to change pc audio setting to 24 bit 96 all over wireless with gigabit would be great to have support on Audivana.

No problems here. MacBook Pro, Amazon Music app and Chord Mojo.

Can confirm dropouts on both ultra HD as well as tidal, morning or evening. Am on 107 MBPS download speed on Google WIFI. Can’t understand. PC, ifi usb clarifier, dac.