Amazon Musik HD /UHD Plugin and complaint

Hello all I am new here. I am trying to work with a translation program. I just recently purchased Audivirana full version 3.5 lifetime installed and set. It works really well. I was planning to choose another straming service and test it. Now I have signed up for Amazon Music HD / UHD,

Here are my questions:
Is there a plugin so that I can use Amazon Music HD with Audirvana?
I have so far Audirvana used very little now there is Audirvana Studio, it upsets me very much that the company Audirvana now does not keep its promise so that I now have to pay again although I bought a lifetime license. In addition, I should now pay every year for life, because the program is good. What a rip-off. The considerations in the management of Audirvana should apply to the maintenance of the software and not be used for how to make more money. There are certainly many users here who only have a normal salary like me. I would be willing to change the Verson 3.5 to Studio Lifetime for a small extra charge. But then it’s over. And what comes then, maybe Studio Pro? I am very sorry that a good Produnkt is so messed up. If then at least the steaming services like Tidal in the Studioverson would be free but no for that I have to pay even. I am sorry I am very angry. Especially because the 96USD for 3.5 are not easy for me.

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