Analyzing Audio Files / Crash

Anyone else feel like we’re doing Quality Assurance for the Audirvana for their half-baked release of Studio? I’ve had 8 crashes today and just went back to 3.5 out of pure frustration.

I feel like we’ve earned another 30 days of the free trial period once this software is actually stable.

“Analyzing audio files” will never finish… but it will take down the program with it.

That’s what usually happens to early adopters. Even a trillion dollars company like Apple Inc. pulls back software updates once in a while and faces serious bugs which aren’t fixed within 24 hours.
I don’t know how Audirvana’s development cycle changed with Studio so we’ll see if it’ll improve fast or if it’ll be very slow like it used to.

Not a single crash on my side, user experience may vary.

When 3.5 was released I recall seeing updates every other day for the first little while.
Little to do with subscription or one time purchase.

Hello @Quruli55,

We will make an update of Studio about an issue that could occur while analyzing the tracks of your library. When it will be available, can you try again Studio? If it doesn’t work, send us your crash report at so we can take a look at it.

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