Android Audirvana app - long titles problem

I am listening to a lot of classical music, and the pieces have sometimes very long names in the title section. When I am selecting title from my audirvana app (which is connected with my mac audirvana origin 2.0) which is very convienient way btw and I love it, I can’t force app to show the whole long title which end with three dots like that …
The same goes to album title, composer.
Look below:

Would it be possible to change this in next versions of audirvana app and origin and make the program scroll the whole title so the whole titles actually appear so I know the name of the entire piece from my app, without looking into my mac.

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We will probably try to add it in the beta test of the Android Remote, would you like to be part of it? If so, I will need your Google account mail, please send it via private message, not in response of your topic :wink:

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