Android Remote for Audirvana Studio?

I previously did a trial for “old” Audirvana and loved it. I was ready to buy it when they started teasing announcements for a new version. I waited and installed the new Audirvana Studio as soon as it was available. Now my remote from an Android phone (Pixel 4) doesn’t work. There is some mention of this on the FAQ but it is unclear. One section tells you that the remote doesn’t exist yet, but is coming soon. Another has instruction for troubleshooting the (not yet available?) remote. I tried the troubleshooting tips for my existing remote app, but I cannot get it to work.

Has anyone had any success using a phone as a remote with the new Audirvana Studio? This is about 50% of the reason I would be willing to pay for the product so it’s kind of a big deal in my situation.

Thank you!

Remote is not ready yet for Studio… when out, it will work with 3.5 and Studio version.

Thank you for clearing that up. Any vague ideas on how far in the future that is?