Annoying Bug adding tracks to playlists and editing metadata

I am demoing Audirvana and even though the sound quality is excellent in comparison to other music players i have no noticed one REALLY ANNOYING bug.
Whenever i edit metadata or add a track to a playlist it resets to the top of the screen and loses the position of the track i just edited/added.
This is really really annoying as i am working with a big play list.
This is so annoying that it’s really off putting and i am sure it is a simple fix

I can’t believe you are at version 3.5 and such a bug exists.
There should at least be an option in the settings to lock the play list in place when changes are made.
Everything resets to the top.
Such a pain in the backside.
I give up trying to organize anything withing this program.
If i am going to purchase i want to at least be able to edit and make playlists with minimum disruption to flow.
This is a shockingly bad bug.

Hello @PsYAuM, can you make screenshots or a video of the issue you encounter?

Sorry i haven’t the time to go to such lengths, especially when my description was clear enough.
i figured a work around of sorts.
occasionally i forget to close the edit window before selecting another track and the usual browser jump to top of page happens so clearly to date the amateurish forced movement of place in browser hasn’t been corrected.
Annoying but worth putting up with for the quality of audio

Two things: List of albums returns to the top of the list when adding tracks to a playlist. My scrolling wheel can’t take much more of this abuse. Second: Is there a limit on how many tracks you can add to one playlist?

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