Annoying bug in album view in Tidal: does not remember scroll positionb

I am a very happy user of Audirvana for several years, playing mainly music from Tidal. However, I am often annoyed by a bug (or lacking feature) when browsing through “My Music” in Album view. If I scroll down a bit and click on one of the albums, I would assume that if I then click the back arrow, I would return to the same scrolling position as before I opened the album. However, I have to start scrolling all over from the top again, and as my album list is now huge, it is a bit of a pain in the *ss.

Audirvana does seem to remember the scroll position for locally stored albums, though.

BTW: It would also have been awesome if there was possibility of creating new tabs when you browse through the music, just as in a web browser! Any plans on such a feature?

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