Annual pricing discount %

I’m considering subscribing, so I was looking at the pricing.
The annual license works out at ~£5.41/month. The pricing guide correctly says that it’s below £5.50 a month.
The flag says that this is 18% cheaper than the monthly plan. Isn’t this actually a ~22% discount? Just thought you could update the figures which you display :wink:

Hello @MARK_RS,

Since it’s me who made the account section of the website the easiest thing to do was to first put the -18% when you are in € or $ with whatever the currency displayed but I can probably do something about it.

6.98 X 12 = 83.76 if you pay monthly.

64.99 if you pay annually.

Discount = 83.76 - 64.99 = 18.77

Discount percentage = 18.77 / 83.76 = 22.4 percent.

It doesn’t matter which currency you use.

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Yes but in the case of $ or € it’s 69.99 so we are around 17% (so I need to change the percentage)