Annual Subscription Renewal

My annual subscription to Audirvana Studio was just renewed on 30th May and I thought it appropriate to mark the occasion with a big thank-you to the Audirvana team for their effort on enhancing and bug fixing the software in its 1st year since inception. My initial issues with UPnP were largely resolved within the first 4 months and in my use case (Chord Dac’s over USB and KEF speakers over wireless UPnP) the software has performed flawlessly for the last 6-8 months. The rate of improvement and feature additions more than justifies the subscription cost in my opinion. As a passionate music lover the sound quality of AS induces more pleasure than any other piece of software I have used.

Once again, thanks to Damien and his team. Your hard work really does make a difference to those as passionate about digital music reproduction as yourselves.


Couldn’t agree more! I’m using a 2018 MacMini connected via USB to a Devialet 440 Expert Pro, and it works flawlessly! The effortless combination of streaming Local files or from Qobuz is a dream in heaven for me.

Mine is coming up and I will not renew. Studio has gotten very good the last few updates. The only thing stopping me from renewing is the issue I have been asking to be fixed for more than six months (and was told it would be corrected) Still cannot label radios that I have added by url. Probably not the big deal to many at all but new products have been launched, 3.5 users have been ghosted on their issues. Just find it difficult to support a company that has a customer satisfaction policy that is so erratic. Hopefully I can check back some time and feel better about it.

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Just purchased Audirvana Origin license, I don’t need the streaming functionality. Happy customer.


Still not able to play anything from Qobuz without AS skipping the first 5 tracks and jumping, after about a minute, to the sixth track.
Was informed that this would be ‘difficult to fix’ as Audirvāna aren’t able to reproduce the problem.
Needless to say my subscription has been paused, with 4 months left to run. More fool me I suppose for paying up-front.

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Cmon buddy you know that beta testing is a tough deal, your subscription still runs when you “ pause “ it. It just means you won’t automatically be renewed.

I’m in a charitable mood today so I’m not going to mention the UPNP issue, problem,bum deal……….oops I did it again :joy:

And I’m absolutely not going to talk about my NAD amp and how awesome BluOs works, nope not gonna do it.


Agreed for most part. I did not renew however I PURCHASED Origin as I do not stream. Congratulations indeed


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As much as I have enjoyed it, I will not be renewing. Recently moved to a dedicated streamer (sms-200 neo) and Chord Qutest and the sound difference is very clear for the better. I can still use my old Audirvana with Qobuz, so all I am missing is the remote control but I can do that with Upnp app.

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