Another sync problem? Ver. 1030


Has anyone checked if A+ 1030 is sycing correctly?

JRiver and Windows are counting 51908 Tracks on my NAS-Drive but A+ only 51769 Tracks ( see the Screenshots ). On the NAS there are audiofiles only, no album art etc. so there are 139 tracks missing. It’s kind difficult to find out what tracks are missing but it doesn’t depend on format or bitrate ( I only have aiff, flac and dsf files ). It also doesn’t matter if I sync the NAS directly or as a mapped drive. I also deleted ‘AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite’ and synced again…but the result is the same. 139 tracks are missing…

What’s wrong?
Screenshot (4).jpg
Screenshot (3).jpg
Screenshot (4).jpg
Screenshot (3).jpg

I reinstalled an image where Ver. 1029 is installed and synced again. Ver 1029 shows the correct number of tracks…back to Ver 1030 and the trackamount is incorrect again.

I’m on 1030 and, although my library is considerably smaller than yours, I have no discrepancy. 378 albums and 5259 track.

I added several new albuns and then I synced JRiver and A+…then suddenly there was a difference in the nuber of tracks in 1030. I did the same procedure with 1029 and all worked well…

Thanks for this report.
So it seems some albums are not synched.
As they are among the last ones you have added, what is different in those from the others that have synched correctly?

Hi Damien!

I checked it and the new added albums were synced correctly in 1030 but I haven’t checked yet wich albums ( or single tracks ) weren’t synced. Fact is in 1029 the syncing process is ( besides mapped drive won’t work ) recognizing every track, 1030 doesn’t…could be 1030 want’s to tell me some songs are crap, not worth to be synced :slight_smile:

Hi Damien!

First things first: 808 State etc. is now sorted correctly in 1031!


  1. Now a new sorting bug appeared while creating a new ‘AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite’ for testing purposals! ( See screenshots ) This didn’t happen before and I checked the tagging of those albums with PerfectTunes - everything is fine with the metadata.

It also happened after adding a new track/album in 1031…it messes the sorting.

  1. The total of tracks is wrong since 1030. It will only be displayed/synced correct if you update your library from 1029 or earlier. Creating a new db ( new users ) will lead to the mismatches. ( See screenshots )

Oh…I can’t add screenshots!!! Error: Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached.

Regarding the not synched albums: could these be ones whose files have been deleted and are in the Windows Recycle Bin?

Starting with build 1030, I’ve added to not scan the contents of the Windows trash.

Ver 1031.

Library looked fine until I rebuilt it using this version. When I sort albums by album artist within album title all appears to be correct, but sorting by album title within album artist results in me seeing one album without an artist in first place (correct) this is followed by 7 of my Mike Oldfield albums (out of place), one of my many Vivaldi albums (far out of place) then the rest in correct sort order. I have checked the tags for leading spaces etc but they are correct.

Something appears to be incorrect.

Hi Damien!

My WD MyCloud NAS is ext2 formatted an do not use any recycle bin. The MyCloud Devices uses a kind of Linux as NAS-OS. And when I check the amout of tracks with windows I only check the folder where my music is stored not the complete drive. Also there are no hidden fles. I checked every possibility of error by user ( at least I worked for 5 years at IBM as a technician ). Another fact is there were no files deleted for almost 6 months. This means the difference in the number of tracks must be constant, if deleted files are excluded. But the amout of unsynced tracks has been risen from 139 ( 1030 ) to 187 in 1031.
When I go back to 1029 by restoring an older windows image, everything works fine ( except sorting and the mapped drive behaviour :laughing: )

The other thing is: the sorting of bands like 808 State works but, as I said, suddenly only Nine Inch Nail and Billy Idol albums ( not all !!! ) are appearing unsorted somewhere between the ‘number’-Bands like 808 State, 18 Summers etc.
I checked the tagging / metadata of the naed albums and updated the tagging with no success. Their sorting ist still crazy.

When you sort by album artist within album title does it all look OK then? That seems to be what I am seeing.

I tried several ways of sorting…the ‘bug’ is still there. Funny thing: everytime I delete the audirvana database and sync again different albums appear ‘unsorted’…

I can confirm that each rebuild of the library changes, albeit only by one or two, the mis-sorted albums.

EDIT. I am also seeing that some of my albums are ignoring “The” at the beginning but not all.

“The Beatles” sorts as “Beatles”
“The Automatic” sorts as “Automatic”
“The Avison Ensemble” sorts as “Avison Ensemble”


“The Animals” sorts as “The Animals”
“The Monkees” sorts as “The Monkees”

I’ve checked the tags but cannot see a cause.

If you can find which album/tracks are not synched, that’ll be VERY useful…

Regarding these wrongly sorted albums, can you check the sort name of the album artist? Is “Nine Inch Nails” sort name “9” nails" ?

Have you checked the artist tags? This tells the sort name of the first 3 is set correctly, but not of the last 2.

I’ll try to find out what tracks weren’t synced!

Nine Inch Nails weren’t sorted as ‘9’ and Billy Idol ( sorted the same crazy way ) has nothing to do with nubers… :slight_smile:


Firstly, I was under the impression that the current version of Audirvana does NOT disregard the leading article so that ‘The xxxxx’ should be sorted under ‘The’. Is this not the case?

Secondly, the Artist and Album Artist tags for these albums all have the leading ‘The’ in place. The first below sorts correctly (under’The’), the second does not.

Finally I found a solution for ‘my’ sorting issue!

I had to delete manually ALL folders of previous audirvana versions ( back to 1024 in my case - they are leftovers of each update process ) and deleted ‘AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite’ - after a new sync-process the sorting is fine ( except the ‘The’-problem )!

Suggestion: implement a build-in cleanup process to get rid of leftovers of previous versions. Because not every user is able to handle the hidden user folder to get into the AppData/Local/Apps/2.0/… and delete the right ones!

But, and funny again, my missing 139 tracks are back! Still, they were recognized till 1029. I investigate now which tracks they are and what maybe different. But it will take some time.

Can you be more specific about which folders you deleted? Or how you decided which ones to keep? I guess an uninstall followed by manual deletion of everything and reinstall would do the same.

I followed my own advice. Uninstalled, removed the ‘Apps’ folder from \users\name\appdata\local\ and re-installed. As suggested, the sort order is now as it should be (mostly).

I still have two albums which begin ‘The’ which are appearing under the order of the second word but, surely, it must be the tags on these albums?

I shall investigate.