Another trial

Is it possible to get another trial?

Hello, I have the same request, it is possible to have another trial?

Same here,guy never gets back,just gonna go with Jriver,First trial was buggy couldn’t use it

For this kind of request it’s better to write to

Hello @doodlepapers, @mlaurentiu and @Dee_Mack,

Sure, I can offer you a new complimentary 30 days trial period.

I’ll need the name of your device and the session you are using so that we can find you in our database.

This information is available in Windows 10 settings in System>System Information and in your file explorer in This PC>(C:)>Users.

In MacOS you need to go in System Preferences>Sharing to have your computer name. For the user session you need to go in System Preferences>Users &Groups.

You can send us those information here or at


I would also like just one additional trial period to determine if I want to purchase. My machine is a Windows 10 laptop. Could you please be more specific as to what information fields I need to send to ‘’.

For example in Windows, is it the unique ‘device ID’ or ‘serial number’ of the hardware ? Please be specific as to what values I need to send. Thanks!


I talk a about this for the name of your computer:

and this for your user name: