Any updates on being able to play by artist?

It’s been years and still no update on being able to play via artist like nearly all other basic music players. Just an option to play by artist name like the ones for the tracks and the albums. Perhaps they forgot to update it? I don’t know, but I like to exclusively listen by artists whenever I am in the mood, as I always have, so I refuse to create hundreds of individual playlists in order to do so, that is late 90’s stuff, something we have long moved past since.
Thanks for reading!

Hi @Laurence_McJagger

Theoretically it works. Choose your artist in the artist view. On top you find the play and shuffle buttons.
Unfortunately A plays then all tracks of every album, where the selected artist at least once is contained - also artists that do not belong to your selection.
It’s the same problem we had before with smart playlists including tracks from albums with mixed content (compilation albums).
As it is not possible in A to set the ID3 tag “Belongs to a compilation”, it is not clear for me, if A is at least able to read this tag to sort tracks out, that do not belong to your search criteria.

I thougt about the solution:
Chosing an artist X from the artist view should produce an intelligent playlists in the background, that searches for all tracks played by artist X. A seems to search for all albums containing artist x. That’s why other artists from compilaton albums are included.

@Antoine: Are you able to reproduce that on your side? If not I could post screenshots here.

Practical solution until this is fixed:
You make an intelligent playlist with only one rule: Artist is equal to artist X. This way it is possible to listen to your artist X.

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