AO asks to login every start

Hi Antoine,

iMac 27 late 2012
32GB Memory
Catalina 10.15.7
Online mode

It begins today.
Every time I ask to launch AO I see the message as follows: “Computer disconnected. This computer has been disconnected. Audirvana will now exit. Relaunch Audirvana to login again and start a new session on this computer.”
I do all above and it’s OK but only till next launch. So when I try to launch AO again the same message appears.


Hello @oleg,

can you go in your account at and check if you have this setting enabled?

Hello Antoine,

Yes, I have the same settings.

Uncheck it and disconnect the device. After that login from Audirvana again.

It happened to me once or twice. What helped with me was the following:

  • Go in Audirvana to settings\My Account
  • Click ‘Click here to disconnect’
  • Close Audirvana
  • Start Audirvana and login one more time.

After that is was usually solved. Maybe this helps for you too.

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I did what you recommended, tried three times to launch AO and it’s OK. So very simple solution.

Thank you all for help.


Same problem here.
Tried disconnecting several times and then start AO but every time it comes back with this login screen.
So, solutions of AndyLubke and oleg didn’t help me, unfortunately.
Can Antoine or Bitracer help me, please?

Drop a note to support@audirvana Antoine will get it on Monday I think.

Make sure that you are logging out of the Audirvā site as well as disconnect your computer. Then restart from scratch

Hi OffRode,

Thanks for helping me. it is working now although I can’t explain why :upside_down_face:

I did as you suggested. In MyAccount I did a disconnect and logged out. In the app I selected My Account and pressed “Click here to disconnect” and even disconnected from the internet.
It discovers that AO is disconnected and told me that I would have my features back once online again. And yes, indeed, those features included the login screen :sleepy:

I experimented a bit with these settings but nothing worked. I wanted to give up and write an answer on this forum but joined dinner first. After dinner I just started AO as a kind of check and to my syprise: No Login screen!
So, conclusion must that it seems that in addition to your suggestions you have to give these settings time to settle (communications time between account and the app, I guess) before starting AO again.
Thanks again and enjoy the music.


To use Origin do you need to be connected to the internet like Studio?

You need to connect to validate the license, and then from time to time.

So it doesn’t work like 3.5 that you validate the license when you install?
Do you need to be connected to the internet to use it?
But if it’s just for my files, the license is paid once, why do I need to be connected to the internet?

It’s similar to the 3.5. You have to login into myAudrivana to validate the license. You then need to connect periodically to re-validate the license, but not all the time. That’s also how 3.5 worked.

I’ve had the 3.5 for many years, I’m connected to the internet because of Qobuz, but I would like to buy Origin so I don’t have to keep my music computer connected to the internet anymore.

If you were happy with how 3.5 worked, you’ll also be happy with Origin.


Thanks for the answers, is it okay for me to leave both installed on my Mac mini, 3.5 and Origin?
Or would it be better to just leave Origin?

Both can reside on the same computer. I removed 3.5 though and use it still on secondary computers.

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3.5 “phones home” once or twice a month I believe to make sure the installed license is valid. Origin does something similar.

I wouldn’t be surprised if my Studio does it as well, but since my computers are continuously connected to the Internet I’m not noticing it at all.

You can install them side by side. Their settings and databases are separate from each other.

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I can confirm that I have both Audirvana 3.5 and Audirvana Origin installed on my iMac and it’s OK.

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I installed Origin and it works perfectly with 3.5 on the same computer.
But I have a doubt.
SysOptimizer appears enabled, but does not appear in the lower right corner as in 3.5
Is this how it works in Origin?