Apologies for undeserved Criticism

I have to apologize for being a bit critical of Damien in a few posts on the forum. My main point was what I saw as the the lack of information about Plus 3 delays, but it turns out that Damien has in fact been very forthcoming - not so much here, but on the Audirvana Plus Facebook page. That’s really the place to look for the latest information. The whole planet appears to be migrating to Facebook; forums are no exception. His replies are scattered about in comments in response to various questions. The main issue is delays in the new license key process, not problems with the software. He says the switch away from the license file method is taking longer than anticipated.
In any case, my apologies.

I think Damien should SHUT UP for next forthcoming releases of A+
so nobody will be dreaming (or not sleeping) for the next one coming and enjoyed the release they had playing :slight_smile:
Read that he was on vacation, so maybe why answering only on Facebook…
Too many people are waiting for it and looking everyday for it… you are not alone :slight_smile:
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