App Installer Issues

Hello, I just purchased a license about an hour ago and wish to use Audirvana on a work computer to listen to music at work. This computer does not give me administrator or App Installer access and thus I cannot install Audirvana. I know the most recent version does not have a stand alone installer, but is there a way around this such as an older version I can upgrade? Otherwise, I am formally requesting a refund since I am unable to use this. Thanks for understanding.


Hello @bhschap, If you are not able (or your IT department do not want to install it) App-Installer then we can proceed to a refund, since the App-Installer is an app made by Microsoft and only rely on the version of Widows 10 you are using.

I am still unable to access App-Installer from the computer I want to listen from and will appreciate a refund. Thank you for your support.

Okay @bhschap, we start the refund process right away.

You already started a charge back, can you remove it? The refund process can’t start with this charge back.