App questions and how to make it sticky

I am in a trial of studio and the app is driving me crazy. It works so I can control the music.

However it never remembers my preferences. I will never do streaming or radios, only local content. But the app defaults to the things I will never use. So every time I have to select local. I wish it would remember that. Then it defaults to ALBUM. I never sort that way. So I have to change to ARTIST. Then it displays album covers by what appears to be the CONDUCTOR tags. I never use that and have no clue what they are on my files…can I just have it display based on ARTIST tags if one wants?

Please make it remember the last settings!!!

Then I select the album cover and nothing. I have to hit the play icon. It should just play. Is there a way to have it ditch ques and just play whole albums? And repeat whole albums or all the songs of one artist? I will never use ques or playlists, etc.

Basically can you allow it to function like a CD player if one wants?


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First… starting view s*cks… i’m with you, give me at least the last seen view!!!

When i open my Studio version on a Big 5k 27’’ iMac screen, i see nothing…
a f*cking blank screen, that is a pity… Told Damien that long time ago…
Then i have to click Album view or my latest additions smart playlist
to see what it should be there at first…

Artists view cant be customized…
but you can select all artists or Composer or …

When in thumbnails view, you can custom your artists by albums if you don’t like cover view only

After for you, they’re are filters or order view you can set up…
Never easy with Audirvana, Always difficult to see at first, but when you know how,
you remember it :slight_smile:

Happy listening… sound is good at least…

Thanks for the info. Those look like screen shots from the desk top program. I am strictly using the app

Am i missing something?

You mean strictly using the remote?

It is still a baby, on v3.5 was OK, but on Studio all was started over! Why, i don’t know :grinning: waiting also for a first big update of the baby remote :grinning:

Maybe I’ve misunderstood, RunHomeSlow, but isn’t the remote app for v3.5 exactly the same as that for AS?
I only use v3.5, and only via the remote, but the remote app was updated at the same time as that for AS, and has the new logo.
It’s clear that it has different capabilities depending on the computer-based program in use, but I believe that the Remote app itself is otherwise the same.

Yes same app.
but like two motors in it, when seeing you use 3.5 give you that and when seeing you use Studio give you just the basic.

I moved on to Amarra. Remote is better if not perfect. Sound is better it seems too.

Amarra has a very good sound, but it is not for network playback, only for USB to DAC connection.
Are you using the macOS or the Windows version?

I am using mac

I also am using DANTE to send the sound over network to my dac. There is a program called Dante Virtual Sound Card that shows up as an audio device that Amarra talks to. From there it goes to several dacs and one ethernet to spdif converter which feeds my main dac.

You found an interesting solution.
The sound of Amarra is very good. Though I did not compare it directly to AS and Roon, it sounds better in my opinion.

I’m also on Mac. But when I tried Amarra last time, there were too many bugs that were more than annoyance. For instance, it was starting to emit noise, and there was no way to fix it but to remove Amarra from the drive, and to install it again.
That’s why I did not buy a license, though the sound was very good.

D you encounter such problems?

Agree on the sound. Its definitely a noticeable difference. Everything is more spread out and 3d. At first it might seem thin but when you really listen its more resolving

Not sure what you are talking about but yes i did have some high frequency distortion or “fuzz”. On windows with other programs i could set everything to the lowest latency settings and no issues. Did the same here and got that distortion…been in audio for decades and never heard that kind of distortion. Anyhow upped the latency about 4 steps and it went away.

Sounds great now. Even upsampling works great and they even have a script to tune the mac for audio quality. Will be buying a license

Fwiw here is the box that feeds my apogee big ben then my Border Patrol dac

RDL SF-ND2 SysFlex Network to Digital Audio Interface | Performance Audio

Your Dante network solution seems interesting. I was not aware of its existence.

I could play some albums and enjoy the playback, and then suddenly Amarra was starting to emit strong noise instead of playing the tracks. And there was no way to stop it from emitting this noise, even after a reboot of the Mac. Only an uninstallation of Amarra, and a fresh installation of the player, were making it playing tracks again.

But this was about a year and a half ago, when I tried it for the last time. They must have fixed some bugs, since you do not encounter this issue.

Yes. It seems like they fixed what was going on on your system.

Dante is awesome and that box is one of many out there these days. I also have some dacs that have a dante connection.

The software works on macs and windows and for me it allows a dedicated music computer that is in another room and a separate computer for youtube or movies and still tie the sound to my main system. Through software you can rout any computer to any device. Heck you could even do a multiroom system and play the same song through the whole house.

To be clear though i didnt directly connect amarra to audirvana. I just noticed a difference with amarra so not really needing to go through the hoops to do a fair comparison.

One player is not forcefully a substitute for another.
Most of us use many players. Between my Mac and my PC, I must have more than a dozen different players.

Huh. On windows i used hysolid for the last 3 years. Nothing else worked as well. And if windows would let me turn off updates i never would have stopped using it and got a mac.

What do you need multiple players for?

Meant to say compare, not connect

On the Mac, I can not find a player that can satisfy me completely.
I use HQPlayer as my main player, because this player plovides the best sound that I know, especially with its DSD256 upsampling. But the library management of HQPlayer is poor, and as I have a lot of classical music, it’s annoying.
So I use JRiver and Audirvana Plus when I want to listen to classical works that I sort to compare between various performances.
Another important player that I use on my Mac is Swinsian. I don’t listen to music with it. I use it for its excellent library management. It’s the library manager for all my players.
In addition to that, I have some free or minimalistic players, like the Mac version of Foobar, Brio and Pine Player, that has a good sound.

On my PC, I have Foobar and MusicBee, because it integrates with HQPlayer the way Roon does.
And in addition, I have TuneBrowser. And a Russian audiophile player that I discovered a few months ago, and whose name is Neutron Music Player. In its PC version, this player has an exceptional sound quality. With its bit-perfect playback, it sounds as good as HQPlayer up to a DSD64 upsampling by HQPlayer.

So, as I did not find the perfect player, I add a new one to my collection when I discover a player that does something better than the others, and they accumulated little by little over the years.

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