'Appears On' Feature

Well, isn’t this a great feature? I have only two Otis Rush albums in my collection, yet this Audirvana feature informs me that one, or more, of his songs appears on no less than 17 other albums in my collection, mostly Chicago blues or Blind Pig Records type of thing. And BTW, I use JRiver for ripping, metadata, curating etc., and Audirvana for playback, but I don’t seem to have anything like this ‘Appears On’ feature with JRMC (OK, maybe it’s in there but I don’t see it, or whatever). And, yes, the interface/features of Audirvana are not its big selling point (see other comments in this forum). So, there it is…JRiver as a library tool / Audirvana for playback. Anyone else?

I am afraid I shall have to agree with you. I feel a bit guilty to admit it, but I still use iTunes (or Apple Music) to manage metadata, with the help of a number of indispensable scripts. TagEditor is quite useful as well for Batch Editing.
Audirvana is mostly to enjoy listening. The sound of it!
However, I am hoping much improvement in the user interface of the player section of Audirvana.
Yet, I have always been a dreamer, and will keep on suggesting and advocating such improvement, in full knowledge of Damien’s “tight ship” venture.

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