Appears On how does it work?

When I open an album to the songs on the album. Then when I click on the artist I get a screen that lists all of the albums by that artist and below that the albums that the artist appears on. Does anyone know the rules that govern these two categories? I can’t get either one to work the way I think they should. I assume that the artist should appear in the artist field, what should appear in the album artist field?

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If you add on a song an artist name (different from the artist of the album) this artist name will then be featured on appears on

Interesting, thanks. So it has to be entered on every song? Work, but good to know.

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Yes you have to enter it on every song but it’s not very stable though, I’ve just checked mine and they move from “appear on” to the main section…

if someone know a stable solution please tell ; )

thanks take care too

Exactly. I collect jazz. I was hoping to have all of the artists albums show up under artist and anytime that artist appears as a sideman on someone else’s album show up below on appears on. No idea how to make it work like that way. Adding the sideman name to the song just makes it appear below the original artists page. A mystery.

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Hi Damien

If you are still on, any thoughts on this topic?

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Can you make screenshots of the metadata of one or two file which have this behavior?