Apple lossless Music

I know the priority now is Audirvana Studio.

However with Apple announcing yesterday that they will offer lossless music. Could we please see intergration of Apple Lossless music.

Where I live I unfortunately cannot get Quobuz and stuck with Tidal. Would love to branch out and away from Tidal and still use Audirvana.



Once Studio, allows me to stream from both Qobuz and Apple Music I will subscribe. Right now, needing different apps.

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Apple Music won’t be integrated in Audirvana Studio the way Tidal and Qobuz are, any time soon. But there is always Music integrated mode that can help. The idea is to output sound through the Audirvana playback engine and use the Music interface for browsing the content.

Isn’t that for the Mac install only?

I do not know, but it works well for me…

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From the Audirvana Studio menu select Music Integrated Mode (legacy). Legacy part should be removed, since again it’s a useful feature.

For once, it doesn’t work for you, but it works perfectly for me.

Apple Music has a bigger catalog than Tidal and Qobuz, and you have Apple Music.

What is this witchcraft you speak of? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are you saying you can browse and play Apple Music but it’s played through AS or am I being stupid and reading it wrong?

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Exactly that.

Sorry, for my stupidity, how do you do this?

Do you get Atmos too?

Edit: More questions

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If you’re on a Mac, just select “Music integrated mode (legacy)”. Should work with Atmos too, but I haven’t tested it. Don’t see why it shouldn’t work.

Where is this option?

In the Audirvana menu.

Found it, cheers. Just trying it out now, having snags though???

I tried it and doesn’t seem to do anything, just acts as a on-screen remote, if that makes sense. There’s no processing (Robian, when selected), no Atmos or anything. Weird.

Oh, and a hellava lot of crashes. I so wanted this to work.

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I agree Music Integrated Mode is present but doesn’t do anything for me. The Apple Music app can access my DAC via Sound Preferences but only 44.1kHz appears to available

I’m using v3.5.46.

How does one use Apple Music with Music Integrated Mode?

But more importantly does this mode support Hi Res formats now a available on Apple Music?

Many thanks for everyone’s advice

OK, so now I see that Music Integrated Mode launch’s the Apple Music app, so just choose an album and play.

BUT It would appear the resolution is limited to 44kHz, is that correct?

Music integrated mode will play the tracks of your Music library with the settings of Audirvana.
If you set Audirvana to play in an un-sampled mode, it won’t upsample the tracks in your Music library.
If you set Audirvana to an upsampled mode, it will upsample the tracks in your Music library.

This is valid only for your local tracks. AS can’t process tracks that are streamed by Apple Music.

If Music plays its own tracks, or streamed contect, without AS, it’s playback to your DAC is not limited to 44.1. You can set the frequency of its output with the Midi Configuration app.

I would also subscribe to Studio if Apple Music Hi-Res is integrated.