Apple Music artwork sync

I’m sure this has been addressed before, but I haven’t read a solution yet. Surely it is possible to sync my iTunes/Apple Music library and include the album artwork? I look at. Apple Music and there is a well designed layout with almost every album displaying artwork. I am referring not just to music purchased from Apple, but most of the albums in my personal library also. Why on earth is the artwork missing from at least half of my library when shown in Audirvana? Is it not simply metadata which should ideally transfer as a matter of course? Right now I’m loving Audirvana for its sound quality but hating it for its interface.

I am not sure it is that simple. Syncing with iTunes/Apple music requires an interface (API) with iTunes/Apple Music which has to be provided by Apple. Also iTunes/Apple music gets a lot of missing information from the internet in Apples own proprietary way and.Audirvana has no access to that.

Also, in my experience, if your local libraries metadata is complete Audirvana will show all that info.
I see you have posted this in the Audirvana Origin section. Audirvana Origin is for local libraries only and not for streaming services like Qobuz, Tidal etc. I am not sure if iTunes/Apple music is considered as a streaming service or not, but I can imagine that is an extra layer of complication.

In short: I don’t have a straight answer for you, but things are not as simple as it looks like in first glance :wink:

Questions like this have come up before on this forum, but more related to Audirvana Studio and how to link that (streaming wise) to Apple music. Here the consensus was also mostly that Apple has to provide an interface (which they are not doing).

Thanks Andy.
I’m not interested in streaming and every track in my Apple Music library is owned by me. There are a few purchased albums in there but these show the artwork in Audirvana. The vast majority of my library is from own ripped CDs, for which I have added the artwork. They are all there in Apple Music and were previously all there in iTunes. I simply can’t work out how so many of these have not transferred to AVO via the normal syncing procedure.

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In that case, maybe @Antoine can give more info.