'Apple Music' lossless streaming via legacy mode


I just discovered the pros of upsampling Music and discovered the legacy mode of audirvana on my new m1 macbook.

Question: is it possible to play lossless tracks from apple music (not my local files) via Audirvanas legacy-mode - upsample the signal (r8brain, power of 2) and send it via upnp to my Raspberry Pi(+Allo DigiOne+Volumio)?

Unfortunately, not (yet).

Thx for the quick response.
Why is it working with local files but not with the streamed tracks? I thought in legacy mode audirvana is just handling itunes/AM output signal in its own way.

The way it works Audirvana actually needs to have access to the files. But who knows, hopefully in the future it will be possible to integrate fully with Apple Music.

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It doesn’t work, because the streamed files are protected by DRM. Unlike Qobuz and Tidal, with which Audirvana must have an agreement, it does not have access to Apple’s DRM technology.

Any way to bypass/rip on the fly the output from AM?

With AM, I think that you’ll get the best results, if you connect an iPhone or iPad directly to the DAC, and output to your amp. Otherwise, you can output with AirPlay to your streamer.

A stream capture to upsample this file later is not allowed.

Before using Audirvana I used PureMusic (and did try Amarra).
I think both these players had the ability to function as a virtual sound card. Then you could select PureMusic from any software and it could then perform the processing.

Maybe something like that is still possible. I’ve never liked this as much as Pure Music playing a local file.

Thx for the replys. Really too bad. I thought i found a way to fully switch to apple music for comfort AND soundquality.

So as soon I want to play non-local music in AM I have to turn off Audirvana?

Apple doesn’t allow others to stream Apple Music. I believe the only exception being Sonos.