Apple Music Support, including Hi-Fi?

I think it’s about time that Audirvana add support on Apple Music already, don’t you guys think so?

I’d be appreciated if the app allows to browse through the purchases.

I’m lil to lazy to switch back and forth the Cider (iTunes alternative) and Audirvana every time :frowning:

Update: I’m referring addition of AppleMusic API to Audirvana,

Yet another reason (if it were needed) to use Audirvana but not to use Apple Music.

Later EDIT:
For some reason I don’t understand the post to which I replied has been deleted (along with another response following mine), leaving my post above seeming to make less sense than it did when I posted it.
Ah well, never mind, eh?

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I haven’t seen the deleted replies so I have to take a guess here.

I seem to remember that Audirvana, and Roon as well, doesn’t have access to Apple Music because of Apple itself.

Other apps use the framework of Apple Music/iTunes in one way or another. AS and Roon both do not.
AS and Roon access stuff differently, something Apple doesn’t allow.

I believe it’s a similar thing with Audirvana, as it is with Roon.

At least that’s my understanding of the whole thing.
Antoine should be able to explain this way better than I can.

I would love Apple integration as well. Only reason why I’m using Apple Music on my Mac’s in the first place.

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Well the short answer is that we need to have access to audio flow to be able to integrate the streaming service in our software.

The long answer is that for the moment, Apple (like Amazon) only focus on hardware manufacturers and we have not pushed our request since their focus is not on the softwares. But never say never, it’s possible that they change their minds and give us the access to it. All I can say is that it will not be anytime soon.


+1 for Apple Music lossless integration, whenever it will be…

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