The forum is used most often for asking and answering questions about various problems or features, which is of course only natural.

But I just wanted to say that I settled down for an evening’s listening with Audirvana Studio tonight, and it sounds absolutely wonderful. That’s all, really - just wanted to say it sounds great.

(BTW, listening to Meshell Ndegeocello’s The Omnichord Real Book, which I think is very fine, in case you haven’t heard it.)


Fully agree. Congratulations to the Audrivana team, and please continue with your product development strategy.

I would love for the Studio to be sold.
I hardly use Qobuz because of this.
As I wrote before, the quality of Origin compared to version 3.5 is better.

I have been using Audirvana Studio since it’s launch and it has never worked better for me than now. It is constantly being updated and improved. For the last year no problems, just great sound and UI for my needs and listening pleasure.
Great job Audirvana Team!

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My guess (and it’s nothing more than a guess) is that there may be payments from Audirvana to the streaming services that require greater revenue to offset.


both Origin and Studio get updated at the same time. So there must be a reason that Studio is based on subscription…


I use Audirvana Studio mostly just streaming my music collection of WAV, AIFF & FLAC files but also for Qobuz streaming. Qobuz is so much better through Audirvana Studio than through the Qobuz app. Studio is a bargain for me.


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