Arcam SR250 appears to load track but will not play

Hello! Mac user here.

I have an Arcam SR250 that will turn on and switch to “DMR Playing” on the display when the play button is clicked in Audirvana, but the track does not play, the pause button is greyed out, and seeking using the bar isn’t reflected in the device’s “time” info display. It does however reflect volume changes via the app on the display. When you start to play a track you get the lighter loading bar going across as well.

Other inputs such as the default media player on a windows machine can push music to the device without incident.

Thanks for looking into this issue!

As a further bit of information: in debug info, I see:

CurrentTransportState: STOPPED
CurrentTransportStatus: ERROR_OCCURRED

But nothing obvious that would indicate what the error was.

Problem spontaneously resolved appropos on nothing. Not really sure what fixed it but I randomly retried today and it’s working.


For me the problem didn’t resolve spontaneously. But changing Maximum PCM Rate for Receiver (Arcam SR250) to 48 kHz made it working (Max PCM Bitdepth remained unchanged - 24 bit). Maximum PCM Rate to anything greater than 48 turns it into previous non-working state. Saw this approach as workaround for some other reciever on this forum.

@Rhynri would you be so kind to check what’s the Maximum PCM Rate for you?

BTW, pressing several times INFO on remote control (or just switching TV while playing) shows bitrate 2304 kb/s