Are MP3 radios of high quality?

Nowadays, I can’t consider MP3 radios to be of good quality. Apparently only FLAC radios with corresponding bitratte can be described as high quality.

However, I did not find such a radio in the radios - High Quality offer.
(nor can you filter or sort by encoding and bitrate)

What scale is required to include radio in High Quality?

Frequence 3 is a french’s radio wich stream in flac 48kHz but Audirvana can’t read this. The stream is only in MP3. I don’t understand why

The flac stream of Frequence 3 is listed in Audirvana, but it refuses to play. It hangs on loading. But if I try to play a flac stream of Radio Paradise, then Audirvana plays it immediately.

I’ve noticed that Frequence 3 is being listed as 48 kHz Flac stream, while the Radio Paradise ones are all 44,1 kHz. The mp3 streams of Frequence 3 are also 44,1 kHz. Could that be the issue?

I tried to connect to the stream of a Flac German jazz radio, but AS was unable to play Flac.

Do you remember the radio stations name? :slight_smile:

Ok I guess it depends on ones system…

My MacBook Air currently plays on it’s internal soundchip and it fails to play the Frequence 3 flac stream with AS. It does play the stream in Chrome through the link @Christophe45 provided.

My Windows laptop is connected to my Terratec Aureon 7.1 USB soundcard which supports 48 kHz and the flac stream of Frequence 3 plays right away with AS. But when the stream plays it’s being listed as 44.1 kHz.


Succesfully plays here on both Mac and Windows.

Good news that V1.5.1 plays it. Previous versions of AS did not play it.

1.5.5 actually. Audirvana just got updated :slight_smile:

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