Are there any Mac Mini tweaks to get better sound?


Are there any easy tweaks such as turning services off, indexing off etc. to get the maximum sound out of a Mac Mini?

Or is sysoptimizer all I need to use?

Pretty much. Sounds great already even without that. You can then experiment with upsampling.

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I use an older MacBook Pro. I have deleted all the apps I can and have Audirvana, Spotify, and a couple of browsers for dealing with metadata. Nothing else runs on it. Works great.

Hello! You may improve everything about AC main alimentation (ifi audio ac puriifier, power cord) and DC usb power by replacing the bad interna usb 5v which is used by your dac.
You 'll have to use a good usb cord too
Using ifi audio idefender will be a real plus, too (on your usb plug , but also on each usb plug not used, for emi/rfi protection
A real improve is also about treat your mechanical vibrations (if your mac is an old one with a DD: you can replace it with a SSD, and use this kind of tuff, as Neodio Origin B1, putting it on the back corner, near main plug…

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As BlueMonk says, improving the USB connection to your DAC will help, assuming you’re using a USB DAC! There are several vendors out there for products that claim to do that. Also see SOtM and my fave, UpTone Audio.

Another option is dealing with your Mac’s internally generated noise. Mojo Audio is an example of a vendor that provides that. UpTone also has Mac mini mods.

As with rotating media, SSDs are available in a variety of types. Spinning media is not necessarily a bad thing. Low speed, 5400 RPM drives, usually targeted at portable applications, use much lower current that 7200 RPM drives, resulting in lower PSU modulation and less noise in your audio.

Try this:


You can get this power supply mod from UpTone Audio (, which converts a Mac mini to operate on external 12V DC power by replacing the computer’s stock switch-mode power supply with a circuit board that fits perfectly in the space vacated by the SMPS.

the Uptone Audio power supply mod is available only for older Mac Mini generations.


If you have a USB DAC try different ports, mine sounded surprisingly different in each.