Artist Image reverting to original image during sync

Apologies if this is known and i can just not find it.

in AS, I like to change the artist image to something more visually appealing. However every time the database syncs it changes the artist image back to the original album art. To get over this it seems you need to not have the cover labelled as cover.jpg or whatever in the music folder. This is a bit of a bore to change every example of cover and Im concerned it would probably break something else. Any fix?

Secondly order of albums in an artists catalogue. Mostly changing the sort by fiels to like 01 02 03 etc in the meta data seems to order things nicely. Except when it doesn’t. I have some albums that refuse to budge. I change the meta data to be exactly the same apart from the album name for instance but it refuses to use the sort order and appears to just set them alphabetically.

As an example i can get all the beatles album stereo and mono in order. But i cannot for the life of me get the mono masters to be last in the list. Any ideas

Can you send a screenshot of one of the album folder you have the issue with?

Can you sedn some screenshot of this behavior so I can try reproducing it on my side?

MusicBrainz is off by the way.

OK this artist folder has both issues:

So i am trying to get albums in release order by using the sort field
and changing the artist image to a bespoke one.

Firstly artist image -Black Sabbath

So here is an example of the folder structure:

So as a test I removed the dates using yate on everything and it initiated a resync. This reverted the artist image to the last album in the catalogue.

Secondly ordering.
So as a starting point i’ve removed any sorting fields in AS. and I have removed any sorting in yate.

The only things I can see that are different are the album titles themselves and whether they are multi disc etc.

This gives me the following structure

I change the sorting inside AS. everything changed from nothing to a number 01 - 09. Things do shuffle around but there are three stubborn folders.

The folder structure for these:

Others seem to be stuck as well but just so happen to be in the right order. I can order things in this way as I have ordered all of the beatles with this method. Perhaps i’m doing it wrong though.

Now i can see AS writing to the meta as now ive changed it in AS, it is showing as a change in yate. So here is something Ive noticed that might be relevant, maybe not. If I remove the sorting in yate again it doesnt blank the field in AS. Most of the numbering as I inputted in AS it stays the same, however some revert back to the album title name. But these aren’t nescessarily the ones that want sort:

however this stayed as it was

hope you can help. Im really stuck. This happens for other albums as well. I kinda got the the neastie boys sorted by clearing everything and manually inputting everything.

Do you mean this was off before you synced your folder?

Yeah, but i dont really want to use that anyway. I have added the meta data I want in my files themselves - that should be enough to sort things how I want them. When I have imported before with that switched on there is so much duplication etc that it became more of a job to clean up.

Do you see the problem from the screenshots regarding the sorting. Should that be working. ie changing the sort field as I have been? Basically I cannot get ‘sort as: 01’ to be first in the list (it appears in position 7 as an example. 'Sort as: 09 appears first. No matter what sort as number I give it, it will not move.

And then obviously the seperate issue of the album art changing on sync unless i change the cover.jpg name. However this seems to sometimes happen and sometimes not.

When i have many albums that have the same year like often with zappa and want them in order, i change the album release date…
01-01-1978 or default for the first i want
The second same year i put 02-01-1978
The third 03-01-1978
It works

I’ll take a look at that. The thing being - the way I did it - sorted out the beatles albums. So assumed it must work. I have radio plays that are broken into sections where in the past I have had to use this sort method (in a different program). It’s going to be a lot of work if I cant do it this simply.

As I say I have stripped out any metadata from the files to a base level (as far as I can tell-Im no whizz at this shizzle). So I’m assuming something is hanging around in the database from the original scan or I’m doing something wrong.