Artist Image updates all local audio files

Hi people
Apologies if this is common knowledge.
But I just stumbled upon the artist image feature and thought cool, I’ll give that a try.
So I loaded an artist image.
Audirvana Studio then proceeded to update every single local audio file for that artist.
What is that all about?
Not even a warning message.

Could you explain more.
What exactly does it store in your track files?
If so, does it modify the album art of the files or replace it?

I’m hoping someone from Audirvana can answer what changes.
All I know is that it alters the audio files.
I’m presuming it alters metadata.

The is an option in the preferences that allows to opt in to have the MusicBraing ID Tag to be added to your files during files analysis. Have you checked if that toggle is checked off, as it should be by default?

Yes that option is off.

I am sorry, that’s my limit reached. :slightly_smiling_face:
Try sending an eMail to, they have been known to answer…