Artist name edit

From an earlier question some one suggested a method for getting artist in the right order selecting the artist and clicking first album and clicking the name and changing the sort order. This fin but it leaves the albums showing say Bowie, David in the D section which looks ridiculous.
so you get:-
David Gray
Bowie, David
Donald Duck

Any way of editing the actual artist name rather than the sort order?

If you set the artist tag as “David Bowie” and the sort_artist tag as “Bowie, David” you’ll be able to find “David Bowie” in the B section

What I want is to be able to edit Artists name. If it is Bowie, David I cannot edit that to David Bowie. The earlier point is that the entry looks bad in my 3 examples. If artist name is Bowie, David I want to make it David Bowie but I can’t make Audirvana allow the name to be changed.

Try to open the album then select all tracks and change the name in the artist tag

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