Artist names sorted almost alphabetically in the library, excepted Miles Davis...!

Audirvana sorts and displays albums alphabetically, based on the artist’s name. For example, Bob Marley will be available in the B section, not M, and it goes like that for all artists. All but one!

For some reason, Miles Davis does not appear in the M section but in the D section… How is that possible?? It is the only artist in my library that Audirvana does not sort properly.

Am I the only one in that case?

Best regards

The tags for sorting him must be Davis Miles… just change them in tag info panel

No, the tag is Miles Davis, that’s why it doesn’t make sense at all.

You sure… album artist, artist, sorting artist, maybe composer also

like in picture you have Miles Davis on the two fields when you search Miles Davis and don’t click an album?

Oooooops, you were actually right about that!!! I checked and noticed the “Sort as” field that I didn’t know about and the value was “Davis, Miles”. I didn’t set this value, I don’t know how/why it was entered, but correcting it solved the issue. Thanks for your help!