Artist toggle in Local area is indexed by composer or producer instead

I imported my digital files successfully, but when I click on “Artist” in the Local area, I get a list of albums organized by composers, e.g., Ahmir Thompson instead of The Roots. When I double-click on an album (or song?) in this view, it appears on a separate page under the heading “Local Albums as Composer.”

This is puzzling since, when I use the search function for an artist in all sources (Tidal, Local, etc.), the results include artists (not composers) in my Local library. And when I produce a list view of the Local library under Albums, the list correctly identifies both artists and composers.

Other than this, I have found the program more or less intuitive (less so than the original Audirvana). It’s frustrating and odd that I cannot readily find instructions to address such a basic issue.

You mean Album sort ? Or Artist? hit the two up/down arrow below Logo then set your sort parameters

Thank you, OffRode, I think you’re pointing in the right direction. Even the vocabulary is helpful.

I mean Artist sort, not Album. In Artist sort, when I click on the up/down arrows, I get a menu that offers only one option–“name”–and I don’t see how to sort by artist instead of composer as the sorting is now.

Roger that got ya now, I had same deal, Goto Artist under “ My Music” up top instead of local then you have better access to sorting options

Thank you, again.

In “My Music,” I have the A-Z sort option shown in your screenshot, but my digital files do not appear in “My Music.” As in your screenshot, all that’s there is Tidal albums and some playlists that I created in Tidal.

Audirvana is working fine for Tidal (better than the original Audirvana, I think). In addition, my own digital files play just fine when I find the one I want to hear. My difficulty is displaying and sorting the digital files (an iTunes library and hi-res files), which appear to be confined to “Local.”

Dang it, I know I have had same deal with my FLAC files. Hang on someone who remembers better than me will sort this and I’ll go “ DOH “

What’s your screenshot local tracks sort options show

Thanks for keeping at this with me. Here’s the screenshot of Tracks sort. Everything is correct here, including artist and composer. Which gives me confidence the files and metadata are not the problem.

Let’s see your sort options screen

This screenshot shows the Tracks sort options. I don’t get similar options for artist and composers in the Artist sort.

Try getting rid of composer

edit correct screenshot

Just tried that, saved, closed and reopened Audirvana. Local Artist sort still displays and sorts composers instead of artists. If only it had a fuller sort menu, like Tracks.

@Antoine will tell you off the top, I’ve been thru that a couple times. Sure isn’t as intuitive as it should be. I’ll ping ya if I can find it

Sorry about that
We’ll get it sorted

Many thanks. Happy holidays, OffRode!

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Filters Editor ?

Brilliant! That worked. Blessings!

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Dense as plutonium sometimes, dang you have to remember so I can ask you next time ! Cheers happy holidays to your family as well

You figure the best way to sort it out let me see your settings

Exactly as shown in your screenshot.

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FYI: My Music is not the music you own. They are your favorites across all platforms and local files. Qobuz, Tidal, HRA and local files in 1 overview.

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