Artist View - See All

I’m coming back to Origin with the beta for running on a Synology. Loving that part, but in testing I’m starting to remember why I opted to stay with 3.5 instead of going with Origin.

Has anything changed to allow the Artist View to automatically see all albums? I have a ton of full catalogs of artists that have more than 5 albums, so needing to tell it to show me everything is really annoying. I haven’t found a setting for this yet, so hoping I’m just not seeing it.


I’d second this, and add a request to be allowed to suppress the "top tracks’ section.

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In artist veiw, click on artist, click on see all…

Understood. The request was to be able to make that the default view.


Right. A view should have the option of seeing it either way, but filtering data by default is a poor UX design. Adding an additional click to get back into it is not a good solution.

I’m guessing this means this issue hasn’t been addressed, which is not great after all this time.

Sorry, misread.
Makes sense.