Artists sorting: ignore "The"

Yay…Sync is working! Next to fix is the wired sorting behviour…and the option to ignore ‘The’ in Bandnames so that ‘The Cure’ f. e. is sorted under ‘C’
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+1 for this!

And the good news is that the sort names feature is already implemented!
To change the sort name of an artist:

  • Open the artists view
  • Click on an artist to open and show the artist albums
  • Click on the tag icon (rightmost of the window) to open the metadata editor
  • And there you can change the name used for sorting the artist

This enables you to have “The Cure” displayed while sorting with “Cure The”, same for displaying Firstname Lastname, and sort by Lastname Firstname.

Thanks Damien

That is helpful but what is really needed is a GLOBAL option to disregard definite articles in an artist’s name. I have many artists with names commencing ‘The’, as I’m sure most do and it will be tedious to change them all individually. Maybe in some future release?

The issue is that it is very language dependent, and “The” may be a real name in another language.
Fortunately you should not have that may artists starting with The to edit their sort name. And the good news is that when it’s done, it’s written in the audio files metadata, so you don’t have to redo it later.

Hi Damien!

Is it really that difficult to add an option ‘ignore articles’ like the, la, der etc. like JRiver did in their MC? This will give any user the freedom of choice how to handle the bandname sorting without retagging a huge amount of albums.
The othert thing is: why are bands like 808 State, 3TEETH, :wumpscut: sorted that wired?
I really honor your work and audirvana is a wondeful piece of software but a bit more freedom in customizing the library mangement like sorting behaviour, thumbnailsize etc. would be really really nice.


I’ve just released 1.0.3 build 1031 that fixes the sort order when there are numbers in name/title.
It now correctly sorts “10” after “9”, and “808 State” before any artist starting with a letter.

Please note it’ll have to recompute all the sort keys when starting 1031 for the first time. This can take some time depending on your library size.

You can already configure sort order by selecting the sort criteria and their priority order, using the settings in the Sort section of the settings.
And change the name used for the sort of an artist, album, track, in the metadata editor:

  • Artist when viewing an artist albums (Library: Artists then click on an artist)
  • Album when viewing its tracks with no track selected
  • Track when a track is selected

Hi Damien!

First things first: 808 State etc. is now sorted correctly in 1031!


  1. Now a new sorting bug appeared while creating a new ‘AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite’ for testing purposals! ( See screenshots ) This didn’t happen before and I checked the tagging of those albums with PerfectTunes - everything is fine with the metadata.

It also happened after adding a new track/album in 1031…it messes the sorting.

  1. The total of tracks is wrong since 1030. It will only be displayed/synced correct if you update your library from 1029 or earlier. Creating a new db ( new users ) will lead to the mismatches. ( See screenshots )