Artwork doesn't display in mini window player

I have had some problems with the artwork of the last few albums I added to my library. Album covers do appear in the library window, but not in the mini player window. Not sure why. The jpg files I use are the ones that come with the downloads, about 1mo size. What’s wrong ?

Thanks !


Hello @gauthp, are you talking about the album display in the left bottom of Audirvana?

No, this one ! The big one in the mini player. See ?

Hello @gauthp, are you able to see your album cover here?

No, this one I can see. The problem is just with the mini window, you know the one we access by clicking the double square in the right-hand top corner of the main window.

Hello @gauthp, can you send us your file at

Ok, I’ll do that !


After a few tests, I just realized that the problem is with the audio files which don’t include the artwork metadata. I used KID3 to correct that. I thought that Audirvana was displaying the jpg files that are often included with the downloads. (But then, where do the small thumbnails appearing in the library and the bottom of the big main window player come from ? I found a solution, but I am more and more puzzled !).

Cheers !

Well, well, well ! That artwork problem continue to haunt me ! I just bought two new albums from two different distributors. The one I bought from Bandcamp works fine ; the one I bought from Prestoclassical doesn’t show the artwork in the small player window. I do remember that the last time the problem appeared, it was with albums downloaded from Prestoclassical. Any idea for a simple fix (to an uncritical issu) ?

Thanks !

the best thing is always having a cover.jpg in the same folder as the flac of the album
that way if the cover is not embedded, Audirvana will automatically choose that file for cover.

But to be sure that your things always follow, click that album in Audirvana, that will show you all the songs, then click the little tag icon in the right bar of window… and change the cover… select your image in the folder, then save… you will see that in the window of the finder that all your flac files changed in date… the cover is in them now. Have fun :slight_smile:

it is not because you downloaded something from a pro company that things are done well or at your taste :slight_smile:

You made my day @RunHomeSlow ! Thanks a lot !