AS 1.6.4 crashes when trying to play C FM

As I wrote. I appreciate the fixes - I can add more than 20 stations as favourites without problem. And other stations wich didn’t play now works. But when tried to play C FM - blue screen. Restart the computer. Try again. The same, but not blue screen, just exit. Try again with various settings, the same. Reinstall AS, the same. The station works ok, tried with my phone. But even if it’s a problem with the stream it’s not normal to crash. The station is in Europe - Romania - Constanta - C FM (browse by location).

I’ve tried this station here:

Windows : AS crashes to the desktop with a mini dump error message.
macOS: AS plays the radio station succesfully.
Both AS versions are updated to 1.6.4

It’s being listed here as an 192 kbit/sec 44.1 kHz AAC stream.

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Yes. Thank you for your check. Since for the moment I have only Windows I don’t have a solution. It’s strange because other AAC streams works.

We will take a look at this issue as soon as possible and will come back to you.

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Thank you. I appreciate. This may be helpful for other users too, as most probabily is not an isolated case.

Sometimes works and sometimes not. It seems the best settings for me in order to have less errors are WASAPI, large WASAPI buffer, 512 MB AS buffer. Unfortunately some slutterings occurre and is not for my ISP or network. When I increased the buffer stopped playing. Strange. But at least I can play it sometimes. And without Fidelizer. For me Fidelizer does not improve anything and AS is less responsive with it (Wndows 10 LTSC optimized with Optimizer).