AS click sound when advancing tracks


I’m currently A/B testing AS and Roon. I am auditioning a usb linking from my Bricasti M5 to lessloss echo’s end dac. I think prefer AS, seems to be a little warmer with less snap on the top end.

I have however come across a little annoyance. When I advance tracks in AS there is a staticy click before a track plays. Please might someone advise on how to remedy this issue?

I have AS hosted on a mac mini, outputting via the m5. I note that 3.5 has an option to introduce a delay when changing spl rate, but I cannot find this option in AS. My thinking is that this issue might be fixed by adding 0.5s-1s delay.


They are in the Audirvana settings, audio, click on gear wheel next to DAC opens the DAC settings. Sample rate change latency and mute options are at the bottom. See screenshot

This is what I see in dac input

Apologies, think this option only appears with a DAC connected via USB. If you select the internal speakers on the MacMini it should have this option, but after checking I note the M5 is ethernet UPnP connection so yes may not appear (same as my KEF speakers).

Thanks. Changing to no dsd has seemed to resolve