AS: Group albums by Artists setting does not save

Hi @Damien3

Group albums by Artists checkbox setting does not save.
As soon as you navigate somewhere else and go back to the Albums view, it is reset to non-checked.

Also can you PLEASE make the very-dark-grey used for editors’ background somewhat lighter (dark theme).
It is really hard to see where the editor ends and the canvas behind it starts.
Same applies for the editor dialog title bar.


AS 1.3 does NOT address this issue.

Also filtering Qobuz by genre no longer works. In other words if you select ‘discover’ and filter ‘classical’ you get a few classical and lots of other genres. This worked with previous versions and works fine in 3.5.


@Damien3 v1.4 does not solve this issue

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We are having this exact same issue too! For the many albums where there are numerous song writers (e.g., Adele, Beatles, Broadway shows, etc.), Apple’s Music app and other third-party software all correctly read “Album Artist” and arrange, display and sort albums based on that. But Audirvana Studio is not doing so and, instead, it incorerctly “splits” and shows multiple albums for the same albums (e.g., Adele 21 shows several times, depending upon who wrote which songs). This creates a horrible mess and makes using Audirvana very confusing and almost impossible to use. I have searched all over the Audirvana settings and community forum for how to tell Aurdirvana to “sort by Album artist”, but I cannot find that setting anywhere. I also have written several times to Audirvana Tech Support, but nobody every replied with an answer. So, how does one fix Audirvana, which otherwise is a wonderful app, and get it to correctly sort and display albums (which is, of course, a very basic and critical function for any music app)? Thanks to whoever lets me know how to do this! @Damien3

AS 1.4.5 Mac:

Still impossible to save the Group Albums by Artist flag @Damien3

AS 1.4.5 Mac:

Also still when going to the local Artists side menu option, it is impossible to see just the Album Artists.. The app shows All Artists I believe.

In 3.5 you had a drop down box to switch between Album Artists, All Artists etc.