AS killed dlna?

Installation of AS went smooth. Looks nice. The problem is that I can only play local because dlna connection has disappeared. I try to connect to ropieeexl which also serves as a roon endpoint. It worked well in A3.5. After installing AS dlna disappeared from A3.5 as well. Don’t know if this is related to Audirvana or ropieee. I’m stuck.

It looks like a change on the RoPieee side. Try with Volumio.

Thanks for the suggestion. If nothing else works I’ll definetely try something else.

I’m trying to use max2play on a Pi as a bridge and with DLNA enabled I can see the output device in AS but it won’t let me tick it as the output option:

Hm, so maybe it is Audirvana related after all…

Are you sure you stopped the playback, bot just paused? Restart Audirvana and try to select the UPnP endpoint before starting playback.

it’s easy to stop playback on a Mac using command and full stop but also restarted the app a few times.

One thing I can see is that when clicking the option for the max2play output my client is sending absolutely no network traffic to the Pi.

Have tried various and the only that allows it to be selected as an output is Mo0de.

Unfortunately it only plays a few seconds of the song before stopping.

I had an issue like this with Audirvana 3.5 and my Rpi Ropieee end points a couple of Ropieee updates ago. Open up Ropieee settings in your browser and disable Openhome (can’t remember which tab). Sorted it out for me.

Yes! That did the trick. Thank you so much.

You’re welcome. Glad it worked for you too! Apparently this was a fix in Ropieee for something broken in Openhome but the result is non-compliant endpoints disappear. And with other things changing in your set up it can be difficult to know which one is to blame. But I thought I recognised this one :grinning:

Good thinking! Very much apreciated. Now let’s see how good The new Audirvana is!

On which OS are you running studio?

This happens on My macbook. So, OSX. It seemed to be solved yesterday. This morning the dlna connection quit it in the middle of a song.
After I contacted the developer yesterday, I just found out that an update was ready to be installed. It’s working now. Let’s hope that solved it.

I ask because it has been reported that dlna/upnp is broken on the latest version of Big Sur, 11.3, on both 3.5 and Studio. Are you running 11.3?

I can’t confirm this, at least it’s not a general issue. I’ve been streaming to a Hiby DAP for last few months without issues with 3.5 and Studio on multiple BigSur releases. No issues at all.

Have you checked the firewall settings on your Mac? Disable it if it’s enabled, just to confirm if that’s causing the issue.

I myself have been holding off on upgrading the OS. Damien is not running the latest and could not confirm anything, and now I assume all development of 3.5 has ceased.

I’m running OsX 10.15.7
DLNA service stopped again after running for an hour or two. It hasn’t come up yet.
I wonder if it might have something to do with the temperature of the pi. It was nearly 75 C. Normally it remains around 60. Could it be that after an hour or so the temperature rises too much, I wonder. I ordered a new case, hopefully that helps. Although, it’s several hours later now and it hasn’t come up. I’ll contact Harry at the roon forum.

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With GentooPlayer 6 and gmediarender work fine in 3.5 and AS on RPI 4 with Digione signature, and Amazing sound. DietPi with gmediarender work also fine but the sound quality is less good.