AS load times got worse?

Has anyone else experienced that on occasion, when Audirvana is launched (on Windows), it seems to take 30 to 40 seconds to load the first track after hitting play?

This only seems to be happening since the latest update, so curious if anyone else is seeing this.

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from using the latest version 2.3.0 since the release of the update I haven’t found any such symptoms yet.

I don’t know if it will help but did you try all the ‘database repair’ options in Audirvana? (re-indexing, checking etc.).

Does the reindexing help if you’re only streaming (Qobuz)? If it does, I’ll give it a try.

I don’t know. I assume that Audirvana keeps some info about Qobuz in the sqlite database (playlists etc.). You always can try. It does not take very long and it does not hurt :wink:
Saying that, it does not hurt to regularly backup the sqlite file either :grinning:.

Audirvana stores some metadata of the played track in its database. even if the song is being streamed from the internet. such as bit depth and frequency.

The data is located in the temporary internet files section of the Windows system. Even after Disk Cleanup, the data in this section is still there. Unless you reset all app data.

Screenshot 2023-04-22 225828

I’ve tried all the sqlite maintenance, with the exception of just trashing it and letting Audrivana recreated it. I might try that later.

Since this is mostly about Qobuz: Did you try (in Audirvana) to disconnect from Qobuz, restart Audirvana, and connect to Qobuz again?

Maybe a silly suggestion, but you never know.

There are no silly suggestions, just silly solutions. :grin:

I don’t know if it’s relevant, but I’ve had Audirvana just not launch (twice) soon after the upgrade, but not since. It was working great until a few days ago when the slow load on the first track issues started. Might need to uninstall / reinstall to get it all working top shelf again.

If you’re using Windows, you don’t even have to uninstall it, just Reset App data, all databases and logins will be restored to factory condition. :wink:

Did both the reset and repair, but no joy. It’s weird that it just started happening recently, and it acts like it’s frozen when it happens, but it recovers after about 30 to 45 seconds.

Let’s expand on that. The message says that the first track loads about 30 - 40 seconds, which the App doesn’t freeze and responds normally?

App doesn’t blur and says not responding? :thinking:

While it’s loading the first track, the app is unresponsive. Sometimes when I click on something else, it will say “App Not Responding” with the option to kill it or wait. If I kill it, it’s likely to do the same thing again when I open if after it closes. When I choose wait, it will recover itself after 30 to 40 (ish) seconds.

All app settings look normal? Before encountering this kind of problem, such as Buffer size, or something like this.

Does it only happen when streaming from Qobuz, or does it also happen to local files?

Yep, no change in settings, and I only stream (no local files).

Finally, someone has this problem that happens to me too, I don’t know what happened with the latest updates, but when my audirvana starts to load music slowly or freezes, I have to change the buffer and it works, sometimes you just have to restart the application.

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Well, the point is: is really a problem caused by latest update? Because I (and probabily many others) have the latest version and don’t have this problem (I play mostly Qobuz too). I am on Windows 10 Pro 19045.2787 (but I hardly tweaked my system, including removing Windows Defender with a GitHub script, used Winaero, Optimizer, Win 10 Teeaker, Ultimate Windows Tweaker and few manual tweaks). I have an i3 and 8 gb, I noticed a more consume in resources, I use a plugin from Goodhertz, Tone Control, and I have to disable the “hq” option in order to not have slutterings with big resolution files (this was not necesary before). So imo: may be the latest version, the latest Windows Updates (wich I didn’t make) or other things. If you have an old installer I think will be a good idea to test with it - I don’t have. Don’t forget to backup your db file. If you just stream is not really necesary, you will most probabily loose only history.

LE: Oh, I remember. I listen a radio show on a local radio (CFM) every evening monday - thursday. Sometimes the stream don’t want to play (loading) and the app crash. After reopening works BUT all history from last session and any recently modified settings gone. But this happened before too. Sometimes. Not related to anything,

To be fair, the latest version of AS came around the same time as the latest updates for Windows 11 (Pro), so it could be a combination of the two, or just the Windows update messing with AS. Everything was fine with both updates until this past week when it started happening, and it’s not consistent. Sometimes I’ll open AS and it will be fine, other times it will take extra time to load the first track. Also, I just started playing with a PEQ VST plugin in AS, but it’s not active when this happens so I don’t think it’s related, but it could be.

And just so we’re clear, once the first track is loaded, there are no delays loading other tracks in the same session.

Forgot to say: I use an usb dac, upsampling and 4 vst plugins (fab filter pro q3, goodhertz tone control, goodhertz canopener studio, goodhertz midside 3 - kernel streaming extreme & upsampling r8brain power of two). I think I oberved that if I disable these “additions” the radio problem dissapear. But I love my sound signature and don’t want to.

this problem has nothing to do with the plugins, I checked the audirvan log file, and there are errors like flac error loading, I personally have a problem with tidal, maybe everything is in order on the qobuz