AS: Loading of search results

Hi @Antoine

You don’t respond to any of my messages, but here is another suggestion for AS.
We may want to improve the display of the search results.
I often see this scenario:

  1. Use the upper left search box and enter an artist name, for ex Pink Floyd
  2. Search results start populating.
  3. Local results appear first (local data, no need to go to the web).
  4. As soon as I want to click on the Pink Floyd artist in the search results, remote results start appearing, each result seems to reload the results screen few times and the local artist result is displaced after Qobuz.

May I suggest to keep showing local results first? It will allow for the results reload to be less disturbing.

Also would be great to be able to turn off radio / podcast, I do not want to use those, but their search results are peppered into the search, taking up space and making it more difficult to consume the data on screen.

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You can do that by clicking the small search logo that appears at the right of “Radio” and “Podcast”. The problem is that it reset as soon as you finishes your research. I did already a suggestion for that in an other post.

Thanks I will try that!
Hope those Radio and Podcast options can be globally disabled, for users that have no interest in using them.
Same like if you don’t have Tidal, it doesn’t try to show results from it, and it doesn’t show up on the side panel.

I asked exactly for that, and also to be able to organize that left flap like in the Finder window. The necessary APIs for that are available in the development tools of the MAC. For ex. Having “Local “on the top.

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Please, if you are reading this, Audirvana - this is such an annoying little issue.

Please make it possible to disable unwanted searches long term. The lag between search results being displayed is almost like click bait - a result arrives on screen, I click it, and just as I am about to, some random podcast episode or radio show I have no interest in is opened instead.

This is such a sophisticated programme, and yet this little issue is so infuriating and easy to fix.